Saturday, February 14, 2009

1988 is the same as 2009

The process of creating my website has been very interesting. Little by little, the website has taken form. What has emerged is a picture of Ross the professional and Ross the person. This has been a very interesting process for me, indeed. Right in front of my eyes, I am getting an opportunity who I was and how I got to be who I am now. In my very own website, I have words and symbols depicting my aspirations, dreams, and accomplishments.

While constructing the "experience" part of the website, I decided to post a newspaper article written about me and printed by the Boone (Iowa) News Repulbican in 1988. It highlighted me as a new counselor working with with chemically dependent teens and their families (still do!). I was blown away when I reread it. I am still the same guy! Wow! Who would have thought that my thoughts and idealism would have survived 21 years. And they have... I am greatful and blessed.

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