Monday, March 28, 2011

Latest Trainings

Here's the heads up on some of my upcoming trainings. This Wednesday, on March 30th, I will be presenting "Caught in the Web: Cybersex, Romance, and Fantasy Addictions. The training will be a part of IADAPCA's Spring Conference in Itasca IL. For more information:

On May May 6, 2011, at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, IL, I will be presenting two trainings through AATP. "The Continuum of Self: Understanding the Relationship Between Narcissists and Codependents" is a new training resulting from my work with codependents, narcissists, and addicts. AATP's website:

This workshop explores codependency from a new and unique perspective. Codependents and their addicted and/or narcissistic partners are best understood within the context of a dynamic, fluid and self-correcting system in which each partner's opposing personality attributes (codependency or narcissism) interact in a manner that binds their dysfunctional relationship. Mr. Rosenberg will show how the codependent and the addict/narcissist are drawn to each other and why it is difficult for the codependent to escape this painful, enduring and self-perpetuating relationship pattern. This viewpoint ties together the complex web of underlying psychological forces of this common relationship pattern. With an understanding of the "Continuum of Self" model, clinicians will better understand the unique struggles of their codependent clientele and learn helpful and effective counseling strategies to aid them in addressing this challenging problem.

The emphasis of this seminar is on how the explosion of computer and internet technology has stretched our awareness of the new ethical challenges therapists have to face. Texting, emailing, voice mail messages, social networking sites, and on-line counseling all raise new ethical concerns. Also presented: professional ethics for the therapists that focus on the clinical relationship between counselor and client. Issues of counselor self-awareness and the health of the therapist will be addressed as well the issue of the range of one's competencies.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LGBTQ Bullying / Michael Anthony's Documentary

Michael Anthony's generously invited me to participate in his film/documentary about LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning) teen bullying. I was interviewed because of my experience providing counseling to these kids. The film is bravely addressing how dangerous bullying has become for the LGBTQ community. Michael Anthony production/movie/documentary will pave new ground and create more consciousness about this under-reported and stigmatized topic.

To prepare for my part in the film, I interviewed 3 high school GSA (Gay Straight Alliances) coordinators, went to a Stevenson High Schools GSA meeting, interviewed two LGBTQ teenagers, interviewed an expert LQBTQ therapist. The help I received from Buffalo Grove, Stevenson, and Hersey high schools was invaluable to my research efforts. I am most grateful to the teenagers who opened up their lives to me to share their stories. I have never been so inspired!

Now the wait for the finished product!

Here is a video from Michael explaining the story behind the idea of the movie

Monday, March 14, 2011

Introduction to Victories of the Heart

I am passing on information about an important organization to which I belong. The Break Through Weekend offered by Victories of the Heart is an empowering and life changing event. It is through my participation with Victories, I have become the man that I am now. I cannot speak more highly of this organization

You are cordially invited to a presentation on programs offered by Victories of the Heart—Celebrating 25 Years of heart centered experiential based programming.
Victories of the Heart is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping men of all backgrounds build stronger relationships with others, greater acceptance of themselves, and increased satisfaction in their lives.

We offer weekend and group experiences that assist men in making positive life transitions through education that emphasizes emotional awareness and healthy communication.

Our programs are built on a solid foundation of accepted theory and practice, reflecting a commitment to the principles of responsibility, integrity, safety, and support.

Our goal is to provide men with an authentic and enriching personal experience as a catalyst for significant personal growth.

Our programs can enhance a man’s ability to access and express his inner life, and lend effective support and complement the services a man receives from his mental health professional. In fact, the great majority of our participants come to us through referrals from professionals in individual, couples, and family practice.

Please tell your colleagues about this opportunity and any adult male clients, family or friends who you may feel will benefit

Introduction toVictories of the Heart Weekend Retreats for Men
Friday, April 15th
10:00 – 11:30 am
311 N. Second St., Ste 303 St. Charles, IL 60174

Hosted & Introduction by
Robert Jackman, LCPC,
St. Charles-based therapist

Paul Kachoris, M.D., and BreakThrough Weekend Leader
Kevin FitzPatrick, MSW, LCSW, and BreakThrough Weekend Leader
Followed by Q & A with attendees

For further information, contact Peggy Cicero
Videos & More Info About Victories